Give the E-Gift of New Canaan! New for 2021

Announcing an Electronic Gift Certificate Program in New Canaan!
The Chamber has partnered with national Gift Certificate CompanyYifteeto provide New Canaan residents an easy, hassle free way to give a gift to a family member, friend, relative, teacher or coach. These dollars can only be spent at one of the 40+ participating New Canaan stores or restaurants.

Supporting local merchants is a great way to help maintain the character of our unique village district. More dollars spent locally means our merchants can continue to grow their businesses and provide the goods and services our residents need and want.


Select the value of your e-Gift card, choose your recipient and send via email or text message. The recipient can use that value to make purchases at participating New Canaan e-gift card merchants. A small e-delivery fee of $1 + 5% will be applied to the purchase.

Additional Terms


Unless prohibited by law, a $3.00 fee will be deducted monthly from Voucher balance starting 1st day after 12 months of inactivity. Activity means any action resulting in a change in Voucher balance, other than fee imposition, or adjustment due to error or prior transaction reversal.

Can I still redeem my Gift Certificate from the Original Program?


These Gift Certificates can still be redeemed at any of those merchants who were participating in the program.


Adirondack Store
体育Shoe Factory
CD Interiors
Ciel Eau Day Spa
Earth Garden
Elm Street Books
Family Britches
Franco’s Wine Merchants
G. Albert
Handwright Gallery
Kaia Yoga
Le Boudoir
Linen Shop
More ‘n’ More
Morgenthal Frederics
New Canaan Eye Associates
New Canaan Healthfare
New Canaan Laundromat
New Canaan Mobil
New Canaan Music

Pet Pantry Warehouse
Red Grape
Rock Paper Scissors Custom Events
Salon Kiklo
Sara Campbell
Shoes ‘n’ More
Soleil Toile
Staying Put in New Canaan
Stewart’s Spirits
Toy Chest
UCBC Upper Crust Bakery & Cafe
Walter Stewart’s Market
Weed & Duryea
Whitney Shop

FAQ about E-Gift Card Program

Can I use the same gift certificate at multiple places?

Yes, as long as there is a remaining balance, the card may be used at any participating location.

Will my gift card work anywhere?

The card can be used at any location that has signed up for the program. Additional businesses are being added every day!

Can refunds be provided to my gift card?

Yes — just as refunds would be applied to your credit card, they can also be applied to your gift card.

What do I do if my gift card is declined?

If your card is declined, it could be because:

  1. The information is entered into the POS or terminal system incorrectly, try re-entering the information
  2. The value on the card is less than what is trying to be redeemed. Have an additional payment form ready in this instance.
  3. You are trying to redeem it at a non-participating business
Will my payment automatically deduct from the card if I don't have enough to cover my entire balance?

In the event that your purchase exceeds the amount in your balance, purchases will need to be split up separately with the card balance being paid first and then using a separate payment method.

How is the digital gift card redeemed?

The card is keyed in manually into a business’ POS or terminal systems as a credit card. It cannot be swiped.

Are physical cards an option?

There are no plastic cards available. The card is available electronically or if you choose you can print it in a piece of paper.

Is there a cost associated with purchasing a gift card? How much does it cost to purchase a card

The card purchaser pays an eDelivery fee to cover processing costs ($1.00 per card and 5.0% of the total value of the gift amount), unless this has been paid by a third party. The card recipient and merchant receive the full value for the card, providing maximum benefit to local businesses.

What happens if my purchase amount exceeds the balance on my gift card?

In the event that your purchase exceeds the amount in your balance, you will need to have a separate form of payment to cover the difference of the purchase amount.

For additional questions or concerns regarding your gift card,